Express your creativity Simply create Why Bits Tailor?




Creativity is in our DNA. The technologies we use allow us to create shapes like you've never seen before.
The most important for us is to contribute to our Tailors happiness. On demand production guarantees you, our Tailors, that we are 100% focused on your needs and not on how to sell our inventory no matter what.
We do believe that it is possible to build an ethic, altruistic and sustainable business, this is why Bits Tailor is involved in humanist initiatives. Eco-friendly creation thanks to avant-garde technologies such as 3D printing allow to produce more locally, on demand and with a lower carbon footprint than mass production.




Bits are the smallest units of data in a computer. The Bits have a single binary value, either 0 or 1 and yet so much possibilities...
The Tailor refers to the tailor-made art, the handmade and well done know-how.
Bits Tailor is the perfect combination of modernity and tradition, reality and virtuality, human and machine. More than everything, it's our answer to standardization.
Bits Tailor is also the reconciliation between modernity and the old. Bits Tailor thumbs its nose to the organized social division and generation gap because here everyone has his own place. we co-exist and we DO IT TOGETHER.
There is no age limit to create and there is no better moment than now to start.



Bits Tailor, unleash the creator within.