CEO and founder of Bits Tailor

CEO, Creative digital strategist and Lead 3d artist at 555Lab

Graduated from the famous french design school ENSCI, after an experience in San Francisco, in 2006 Cedric creates 555Lab, a digital creative studio specialized in strong visuals and storytelling for high added value campaigns in luxury and entertainment markets.

Cedric, an entrepreneur for 14 years with a strong interest in sharing ideas and ethical businesses, he creates Bits Tailor which Cedric dreamed up back in 2012 after a trip in Bali.


Distinctive signs:
Passionate by 3D, VFX, Dance, Martial Arts, Music, entrepreneurship, growth hacking, lean analytics, lean thinking, design thinking, UI, UX and everything else that makes the work and creative process enriched and stimulating.

Incurable Workaholic. 




Is Cedric's Alter Ego

Designer Chief Bits Tailor

Nothing is really impossible to Lord Khan. His mission is to create the improbable, the surprizing and why not the impossible.

Lord Khan's distinctive signs:
Dancer, musician, motorcycle customiser during free time and unconditional traveller, World citizen, utopist and definitely creative.
Owner of land in Scotland, he really owns the title of "Lord".


Bits Tailor is like a crystallization of many desires and profound aspirations that have been driving me forever.
As a former designer, I left the world of product design very early because I was feeling that the long creation and fabrication processes as well as the designer's ego were pushing the consumer further from the object while the role of design is to bring them closer, to an intimate relationship.
However, I did find this interaction in web design that creates a strong user experience, an immediate connection that can be intimate when it deals with smart objects or smartphones.
This desire to create strong emotional experiences led me to create beautiful images with strong storytelling by directing digital campaigns, advertising, films or 3D animations at 555Lab.
Democratization of 3D printing to me is an opportunity to reconcile with tangible matter and the opportunity to create objects with a story, creations that are not driven by the need to sell massive quantities, objects just for you, just for us.
As a true believer of the impact of personal development methods, I deeply believe that letting one express freely can contribute to overall blossoming and even to a contagious happiness.
My will is to create infatuation, a momentum of positivity which I realized isn't incompatible with consumption.
Before I wanted to change the world, now I'm wiser, I'm changing myself hoping to be followed.
As an unconditional traveller and really curious person, I experiment. I create and transform things I am wishing to offer the world via Bits Tailor the fruits of the magic of random encounters between different worlds be them design, architecture, science, spirituality, dance, music, urban art, tattoo and any other form of creativity from here and beyond...
Human being is an inspired and definitely a creative creature. I promise to think out of the box as to surprise you and to have fun creating together. 
One of my motivations to create Bits Tailor was to have a brand that would allow us to proudly wear things that look like us like an extension of our personality and emotions.
Like many, I got used to compromise or chose to travel to bring some treasures from here and there, but this was before Bits Tailor...
I sincerely hope that my generosity, and my relentless positivity will touch you and make you want to create beautiful things.
Life isn't as serious as it looks like, so let's do it now, let's DO IT TOGETHER!"
Cedric aka Lord Khan