• What are the levels of customization offered?
    In addition to original and non customizable products, we offer you 2 levels of customization:
    Customizable products    To express your desire to mix-up colors, materials and patterns or to write a personalized message.
    Tailor-made products To materialize your craziest ideas, you just need to send us your ideas and we create your unreleased creations
  • How the products are made?
    We take advantage of the endless possibilities of 3D printing but not only, we also use hand-crafted and innovative technics to make your products. 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that builds layers to create a 3D solid object from a digital model, initially created for rapid prototyping.    
    Enter a new era, touch the future.
  • Are the materials used anti-allergic?
    Indeed, we do not use nickel either to make the jewelry nor the accessories.
  • Are the products made in plastic?

    Talking about plastic is simplistic, this is much more.
    We use different types of material, polymers and wood in the most creative way.

  • "I have no experience in design, how can I make you create my ideas?"

    For a tailor-made creation, good news: you don’t even need to be professional on Photoshop ! We only need your ideas to turn them into reality. You just need to send us a brief with an explanation of your idea in a few words (type of product, shape, material, text…) with your first name and last name through the contact form. Then, after studying the feasibility of your project, we will get in touch with you to advise you at best, propose you a sketch and to define together the details of your creation along with the conception terms. Finally, we will email you an estimate , you’ll be free to accept or to decline it. For instance, if you want a pendant which has the swagg, we are able to create it and would be more than happy to do it!

  • What are the materials and colors available?

    After studying the feasibility of your project and depending on its shape, we can propose you the materials and associated colors listed below:

      White Black Red Blue Green Pink Yellow Orange Beige Brown Grey Purple
    Alumid - - - - - - - - - - x -
    Solid Silver - - - - - - - - - - x -
    Ceramic x x - x x - x x - - - -
    Nylon x x x x x x x x x x x -
    Polished Nylon x x x x x - x - - - - x
    Gold - - - - - - x - - - - -
    Platinum - - - - - - - - - - - -
    High Definition Resin x x - - - - - - - - - -
    Translucent Resin - - - - - - - - - - - -


  • Which type of product can be tailor-made?
    For a tailor-made product, we can create any type of product (in a certain size) after studying the technical feasibility of the creation. It can be decorative products, accessories for devices, trendy accessories or jewelry for instance. Tell us more about your project and we will come back to you quickly.



  • Why create an account?
    Thanks to your account on Bits Tailor, you will save time when purchasing online. Indeed, since your personal details and shipping address are saved on your account, you don’t need to enter them each time you place an order online. Moreover, this will allow you to follow your orders and access the history of all your orders. In other words, creating your account on Bits Tailor will make your life simpler.



  • How to use an advantage code or a gift card?
    You own an advantage code or a gift card from Bits Tailor? To take advantage of it that’s pretty simple: when you proceed to checkout, on the right side, in the "Order Summary" part you will have to enter your code and click on “OK". The reduction will be automatically deducted from the total amount of your order.
  • What are the methods of payment available?

    On our website, you can pay by using 2 methods of payment:  

    - Bank card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express)

    - Paypal

    Those methods of payment are secured, they are provided using the SSL encrypting procedure (Secure Socket Layer), with no access granted to BITS TAILOR or any third party.



  • How long should I’ll be waiting to receive my products after placing my order online?
    Product without customization 2 weeks + delivery time
    Customized product 2 to 3 weeks + delivery time 
    Tailor-made product On estimate
  • Why this delivery time, in particular for products without customization?

    All the products we offer you are created on demand, using the most advanced technologies for their creation, we don’t do mass production, not even for products without customization. Thus, we choose to concentrate our energy on constant search of creativity for the products we propose and not on stocks.
    2 or 3 weeks, that’s the time required for a flower to grow so treat yourself to an awesome dish with it or make someone happy while you wait for your unique creation!

  • What are the delivery costs?
    The delivery costs depends on the weight your product and your shipping country. The cost is mentioned in step 2 of the checkout. Moreover, we do free shipping for any order above 50€ for France and above 99€ for Europe.
  • Can I be delivered not at mine but somewhere else?
    Yes, that’s possible. You just need to enter the address of the place where you want to be delivered upon checkout.
  • Do you deliver throughout the world?
    So far, we deliver in France, Overseas Departments and Territories, countries of the European Union, the USA and Canada. For all other destinations, please contact us and we will do our best to deliver to you.
  • How can I track my orders?
    “Nobody puts baby in a corner”! Once you placed your order, don’t worry, we look after keeping you informed on the status of your order by email. Moreover, you can follow the status of your delivery by clicking on the item “Track my order” and entering the number that has been previously shared with you by email (when it is a trackable delivery). 



  • How do I take care of my polyamide accessory?
    More than plastic, polyamide is the future in your fingertip. Created from a fine polyamide powder, more commonly known as nylon, the polyamide accessories are available in various colors that make them fun, original and unseen.
    They are water-resistant but not waterproof. Thus they must not stay in contact with water for extended periods of time. If it is a jewelry, we recommend taking it off when showering or swimming. The surface can attract dirt and other discolorations. You can use fresh water with a little bit of hand-wash and a cloth to remove dirt, then let it dry thoroughly. However, we strongly recommend avoiding strong friction with your colored accessories to prevent surface degradation
    Don't use aggressive chemicals, leave your accessories exposed to the sun for too long or leave them in contact with salt water, as the color intensity may be affected.
  • How do I take care of my sterling silver accessory?
    Like most of the sterling silver pieces created in the jewelry industry, the silver we use to 3D print your stylish accessory contains 92.5% pure silver.
    Do you know that sterling silver is the brightest of all precious metal? Even if it is naturally doomed to be tarnished, you have to take care of it as much as you can to retain its original shine and beauty. Keep it away from detergents, perfume and alcohol based products. If it is a jewelry, we also recommend you to remove it when showering or cleaning your hands.
    If you want to keep your accessory shiny, dust is with a cleaning cloth from time to time
  • How do I take care of my polished brass accessory?
    Brass is an excellent alternative to gold if you love the warm and rich color of gold but find its price too expensive sometimes. The brass we use to create your unique accessory is extensively polished by hand what gives it a smooth and shiny finish.
    To enjoy your polished brass accessory for years to come, you need to cherish it as like all brass it will tarnish over time and may need to be polished. If you want to maintain its shine, dust it with a soft cloth slightly moistened with soapy water.
  • How do I take care of my gold plated accessory?
    You will shine over the time with your gold plated brass accessory! We 3D print our gold plated accessories with high quality 22kt gold. It is a durable material which does not tarnish like silver however with wear, it will get dirty. If you want to maintain its shine, dust it with a soft cloth slightly moistened with soapy water.To prevent damage, we recommend storing your wonderful accessory in a soft cloth pouch away from other products, and avoiding exposure to household chemicals and cleaning products.



  • Why subscribing to the newsletter?
    By subscribing to the newsletter of Bits Tailor, you make sure to benefit from exclusive offers, to receive latest news about Bits Tailor, to receive advices to unleash your creativity day after day and much more! Once you’ve subscribed, you can nevertheless unsubscribe whenever you want. So why deprive yourself of benefiting from Bits Tailor deals?



  • What’s a Tailor?

    As soon as you placed an order at Bits Tailor, you join the Tailors community, those people who have chosen to take the opposite road to mass production, those people who are ready to accept and assert their singularity, those people who are only ready to unleash their creativity.
    Be a Tailor is not only about purchasing a product. Be a Tailor is about exploiting his/her own potential of creativity and daily sharpen it.