Bits Tailor at the parisian concept-store "Le Salon de Monsieur Jau"


We are thrilled to announce a new step in Bits Tailor's development: our accessories are now available at Le Salon de Monsieur Jau in Paris!

After several proposals, we are really happy with this extraordinary store faithfull to Bits Tailor's spirit where you can touch and try a selection of our avant-garde accessories.


On February, 17th 2016, the brand new parisian concept-store dedicated to modern man and dandies has been launched. We totally felt in love with this real cabinet of curiosities full of surprising and original items which made it a temple of men's art of living.


Impossible not getting lost by looking to the multiple corners and not stopping on each item meticulously selected by Mr Jau, the Master of Ceremonies who honours French creators.


Mr Jau, is an artist and a singer with multiple faces, inimitable style and refined taste who has decided today to open the doors to his world via this concept-store.


He selects all the products and accessories from his Salon by himself with care and chooses rare furnitures and decoration as well. He had a crush on Bits Tailor's accessories for our greater pleasure!


If you like having THE little accessory that makes the difference, go take a look at this concept-store where you will find gift ideas for all budgets for you, for your friends or your boyfriend if you are a woman.

Our promise: you will not be disappointed!

12 Passage du Ponceau, 75002 Paris
Opens wednesday to saturday from 3pm to 7pm
or by appointment: -




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