Last week-end, 3D Hubs organized a 3D Printing event and guess what?...Bits Tailor was there!

On Saturday September 20th, 3D printing has been in the spotlight at an event organized by 3DHubs hosted by l’, a brand new place for Makers located in Paris centre.

If you don't know 3D Hubs yet, it's a fast growing community based platform that connects makers who own one or more 3D printers with neophytes who want to print their 3D objects. It couldn't be any easier, simply locate a hub on a map,  send your downloaded object and you're good to go.

Since we have a Hub, we had the honor of being invited to this event to represent the Design applied to 3D printing.

Our website freshly launched on Friday, we went on Saturday towards our first encounter with the public, so exciting! 


This day was an opportunity for kids and grown-ups, curious and lovers of 3D printing to (re)discover this technology in a fun way through conferences and workshops held by representatives of the Architecture, the Engineering and the Design using 3D printing and 3D scan fields.

Our beautiful guests wearing BitsTailor models that fit them perfectly!

We were thrilled to meet many people moved by curiosity and ecxitment when they discovered the Bits Tailor’s stand. It let to all kind of exciting discussions: we talked about technical stuff or creativity and about self-worth with others!

What we will also remember is the wonder and magic that could be ead in the eyes of children captivated by the printer in action. We can’t wait to initiate projects with these budding creatives!


We were delighted to discuss with an audience as eclectic as open to explore new things around 3D printing and we can’t wait to make it happen again.

Big thanks to all the people who visited us & big shout out to 3D Hubs and especially to Julie for inviting us!

Creating with you soon,

Bits Tailor Team

Cedric Magne September 24, 2014 2 tags (show)

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