Ready...Set...Create ! Bits Tailor opens.


Hi Everyone !


After several months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce you the official launch of Bits Tailor ! 
Here, you’re entering Bits Tailor's universe. It’s a universe where creativity and self-assertion are king and queen.

We will provide here several informations and advices which will enable you to unleash your creativity everyday.
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We hope that you're enjoying your little tour on our website, and if you haven't found something for you yet, be sure to follow us on Facebook as well to discover new products or to vote for what we'll do next.

You might also want to go for a tailor-made creation. 
Some will say: “Ok but I’m not creative at all!”. Being creative is being open-minded, available and ready to welcome the unexpected. As soon as you get into this state of mind, your creativity will be willing to be empowered and that’s exactly when we step in by providing you advices to help you making your craziest idea come true. That’s what we call the Do It Together movement! 

Discover our first creations now and start having fun by customizing them.


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Talk to you soon.

Bits Tailor Team.

Bits Tailor, unleash the creator within.

Cedric Magne September 19, 2014 2 tags (show)


Yolande said:

Super concept, superbes produits et le plus important superbe équipe… je vous souhaite plein de succès

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