Bits Tailor at the famous Parisian store LE BHV MARAIS

For the first time, the famous Parisian department store LE BHV MARAIS showcases 9 french designers from April 13th to May 7th and Bits Tailor is one of them! This is an unprecedented partnership between LE BHV MARAIS and ETSY, the marketplace for craftsmanship and handmande creation. All designers selected are part of this marketplace.


Last April 13th was the launch day of this partnership. We had the chance to be present at LE BHV MARAIS to meet the very first customers who were eager to discover this 30m2 corner located at the ground floor of the department store where many unique creations are displayed.


On the corner dedicated to Bits Tailor, you can (re)discover our flagship accessory over all its shapes, colors and material combinations. As you may have guessed, we talk about our 3D printed bow tie. By the way it never let customers insensitive since it provokes queries, surprise or wonder.



Details lovers will be pleased to discover our exclusive brand new lacelocks created in a Rock style. They will bring THE original touch your shoes and sneakers deserve.


Women will not be outdone as they will find our best-seller Flamingo earrings and the phone case to go with it. It is a call for Summer!


8 talented designers coming from every part of France also displayed their creation on this corner and many of them came for the launch day.


You will discover Creabisontine’s illustrated mugs, Oelwein’s notebooks and cards, l’Atelier des Amis’ totebags, RIVE’s candles made in recycled aluminum boxes, Sculpaper’s DIY kits of paper sculptures, 


Lolita Picco’s accessories with girly messages, the Marseille soaps revisited by My Happy Soap and Coucou Suzette’s colorful and quirky accessories.


We were thrilled by this launch day and very happy to meet customers on the corner. We also had a blast with the other designers.

Thank you so much to ETSY and LE BHV MARAIS teams for this great partnership which supports and honors french craftsmanship, including craftsmanship of the future with our 3D printed accessories.

Many thanks to all of you for your continuous support from the beginning of Bits Tailor adventure!

Bits Tailor is a 3D printed avant-garde accessories brand that reinvents classic pieces with style.

If you want to create a tailormade accessories, feel free to contact us here.



52 Rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris
Corner ETSY at ground floor

Monday to Saturday, except Wednesday: 9:30am – 8:00pm
Wednesday: 9.30am – 9:00pm 


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